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Ours being well focused organization, conservation and protection Asiatic Lion and Gir is at the centre of most of our projects. Few such projects have been done for the first time in conservation of Gir. Our each project is done with a broad perspective and holistic approach to achieve the ultimate aim of Gir and Asiatic Lion protection. We have taken on diverse activities in the field of nature protection - ranging from education, to field projects in Gir biodiversity, to environ-legal action, to policy studies and advocacy.

  1. July 2006: For information of Asiatic Lion and Gir, WCT launched on 21st July, 2006 On this website one can find ‘Anything & Everything about Asiatic Lion and Gir Forest’. Website is a good success with very high hit rate. The data, facts and figures on this site are very much authentic.

  2. Aug. 2006: To make last minute news articles about Asiatic Lion and Gir forest available to big cat fans throughout the globe, we launched News Blog on 23rd Aug. 2006. This blog is regularly updated till last minute news articles. Archive of news paper articles from 2005 onwards related to Asiatic Lion and Gir is also available on this blog,

  3. Aug. 2006: WCT supports and is moderator of which is very much popular Yahoo Group amongst Asiatic Lion lovers.

  4. Aug. 2006: Regularly information emails are sent out to wild lifers around the globe for information about wildlife in Gujarat.

  5. April 2005: WCT members participated in Lion Census 2005. The feedback and report was given to the Forest Department which was appreciated.
    DCF Franklin Khobung with Kishore and
    field staff
    DCF Franklin Khobung with Kishore Kotecha
    DCF Franklin Khobung, Meena Venkatraman (researcher) with Kishore Kotecha and
    Field staff
    Field Staff, Chhodavadi Zone, Gir
    Group photo on last day of Census Kamlesh Adhiya, Meena V. and Kishore Kotecha
  6. December 2006: WCT nominated Late Shri P. P. Raval for prestigious ‘Venu Menon Animal Allies Foundation Award’ for 2007. Wildlife Trust of India – N. Delhi chose him for “WTI – Endangered Species Award”.
    Awardees at the function Kishore Kotecha with Vimal Raval
    Kishore Kotecha, Vivek Menon (WTI)
    and Vimal Raval
    Vimal receiving Award

  7. Feb 2007: Two members of executive committee participated in Symposium on “Emerging Conservation Strategies for Endangered Species” organized by VHF at Ahmedabad on 27th and 28th Feb 2007.
    Bharat Pathak (CF WL Junagadh), Shri Pradeep Khanna (PCCF-WL and Chief Wildlife Warden Gujarat), Kishore Kotecha (Exec Director - WCT), Dr. M G Maradia Dr. Roger Windsor, Hollywood Actress cum conservationist Stephanie Powers, Mr. Pagi and Kishore Kotecha
    Dr. M G Maradia, Kishore Kotecha,
    Harshadbhai Patel of Venishing Herds Foundation and Atmarajsinh Zala (WL Warden)
    Kishore Kotecha with Dr. Roger Windsor and Betsy Dresser
    Kishore Kotecha, Dr. Y D Jhala and Dr. M G Maradia Kishore Kotecha, Stephanie Dloniak and Dr. M G Maradia
    Don Hunt, Kishore Kotecha and Iris Hunt  

  8. Kishore Kotecha met Winnie Kiiru at Sympossium
    March 2007: At one of the symposium Kishore Kotecha came in contact with Ms. Winnie Kiiru, (Project Incharge, “Man – Elephant Conflict” project by Born Free Foundation at Amboseli Park, Kenya). She gave very good information on using simple ways like Rope Technique to keep elephants away from farm lands. This information was spread to conservationist and institutes all over India through internet. It was over-whelming welcomed and about 15 – 20 recipients further communicated directly with Ms. Winnie and were benefited by adopting similar technique in their field.

  9. April 2007: Partnered with Vanishing Herds Foundation for protection of open wells in Gir East. In synergy and financial support of VHF we jointly barricaded 96 wells in Sukhpur, Trangsha, Dudhada and Kotda villages in Dhari Taluka in Gir East.

    First of its kind, Gram Sabha at Sukhpur village to convience villagers to support
    open well protection work
    Kishore Kotech with V. G. Rana, DCF Gir East
    Unprotected Well VHF in partnership with WCT signed MoU with forest department for protection of
    1000 wells

  10. April 2007: ‘Eight lions were poached in March – April 2007. This was first time in the history of Gir that Katni gangs had targeted and succeeded in their ill-mission of poaching. We immediately started CTC Programme (CTC means “Crack The Crime” and “Catch The Culprits’).
    Awareness and Information gathering leaflets distributed at the time lion poaching to get hold of poachers

    • On March 9, 2007 WCT declared cash award of Rs.21000 to the informer of Lion poachers.
    • An intensive Public Awareness Campaign in Gir villages was done by distributing printed pamphlets, SMSs, phone calls etc.
    • Tried to get specific information requested by GFD for Babriya residents.
    • Helped investigating agency to gather information from local sources, suggested them legal experts like Belinda Wright, Vivek Menon etc. Made them contact each other. Kishore met the top CID official, Shri Keshav Kumar, at Jetpur and shared with him modus operandy of Katnis / Bahilyas & network of illegal wildlife trade.
    • Initiated a chain of SMS for info gathering. Also requested mob companies to spread such SMSs for information gathering.
    • Suggested Govt. of Gujarat to form a committee of experts who have detected such crimes in past. This was accepted by GFD. Later we advised names of experts in the field, contacted them and finally Experts Committee was formed.
    • Suggested investigating authority to trace out-going phone calls made outside Una Taluka and Gujarat. We assume this has also helped.

  11. May 2007: Open wells are virtual death traps for wild animals in Gir. We developed a dynamic design to barricade open wells which is economical, fast to install, strong and environment friendly.

    Open or Un-protected well
    Open wells have killed almost 22 lions in from 2002 to 2007. This is the most serious issue to be resolved. Normally barricade to such open wells is done by using lime stone construction. Such barricades are very costly and time consuming. So we thought of developing an innovative design which should be versatile. A team of architect, civil engineer, expert civil labor contractors and our executive director was formed in March 2007. A very long process of drawing, designing and constructing sample was done. Following designs were tried and tested.

    1. Galvanized Chain-link design using pre-cast cement poles
      Open Well protection using chain-link fencing
    2. RCC Poles & Planks design,
      Open Well protection using RCC Planks
    3. RCC Slabs with hinge type joint
      Open well protection using hinge or verticl bar joint tyoe
    4. Pre-stressed RCC Slabs with steel- bar joints
      Open Well protection using Horizontal Steel Bar joints RCC Slabs

    The benefit of all above designs is that they are economical, fast to install, strong and environment friendly.

    Using second design above we have done about 70 wells at Sukhpur village. Third design was approved as by Gujarat forest department. This design will enable double the number of wells in the same budget that is allotted for the project!! Also time will be reduced to 1/10 and highest benefit being to environment as no more lime stone quarries.

  12. May 2007: We prepared an exhaustive report titled as Suggested Measures That could be adopted to further strengthen the Protection of Asiatic Lions and Gir Biodiversity (Jun 2007) This report was brought to the Attention of Office of the Honorable Chief Minister of Gujarat. It was also published in Sept 2007 issue of ZOOS PRINT magazine.

  13. August 2007: Participated in “MigrantWatch”, an annual countrywide programme to study the movements of nine common winter migratory birds to India. It was organised by Indian Birds Journal in association with the National Centre for Biological Sciences. Our involvement gave good support from bird-watchers of Gujarat.

  14. September 26, 2007: We were the first to sign MoU with Gujarat Forest Dept. to barricade 101 open wells in Kotda village in Gir - East. The work was finished ahead of schedule and total of 108 wells were protected by us.
    Gram Sabha (Village Meet) at Kotda village with Ramnikbhai Chondigra and Kishore Kotecha.

  15. September 2007: Participated in preparation of guidelines along with ATREE, CSD- Delhi, Kalpavriskh, Samrakshan Trust, SHODH and WWF- India. The note was titled as “Identification of Critical Tiger Habitats, Co-existence and Relocation” and was submitted to National Tiger Conservation Authority. Since then WCT is member of national level ‘Future of Conservation’ group.

  16. October 2007: WCT requested ZOO’s PRINT magazine to publish a respectful tribute to Shri Raval. Ms. Sally Walker, who also knew Mr. Raval, has been very kind to publish a special issue on Asiatic Lion with Mr. Raval in focus. Wherever possible and asked for, we helped her to get required information that she needed for this. It was published in October 2007.

  17. October 2007: To encourage field staff and local villagers surrounding Gir forest we have planned ‘P. P. Raval Memorial Awards’

  18. October 2007: Celebrated Wildlife Week-2007 at Rajkot by organizing a Wildlife Exhibition and Essay Competition titled ‘Wildlife of Gujarat’.

  19. November 2007: We partnered with WWF – India for protection of open wells in Gir. Ahead of schedule and 50% more than committed, we completed 77 wells in Dalkhankya village.
    Gram Sabha at village with J C Solanki DCF, Dr. Diwakar Sharma of WWF, Ramnikbhai and Kishore Kotecha from Wildlife Conservation Trust

  20. January 2008: Partnered with Mr. Steve Mandel of California, USA. He has applied for registration of his own organisation ‘Lions of Gir Foundation’ to support Asiatic Lions conservation.
    Steve Mandel of Lions of Gir Foundation, USA Steve Mandel with Kruti, Isha and Kishore Kotecha family

  21. January 2008: As on 31-3-2008 we protected 481 open wells (with small donors 108, with WWF 77 and with VHF 296) in record time.

  22. January 2008: Partnered with VHF to protect 200 wells and with Tata Chemicals Ltd. to protect 1000 wells in Gir. Finished this by 31-3-2008
    Open Wells Protected by WCT in various partnership

  23. January 2008: Attended 5th Annual Meeting of ‘The Conservation Breeding Specialist Group (CBSG, SSC, IUCN) at Gandhinagar and delegation at Sakkarbag Zoo.
    Sally Walker, Kishore Kotecha and David Morgan of South Africa Kishore Kotecha, Sally Walker, Raju Vyas, Sanjay Molur of ZOO, David Morgan, Michel Jordan and others
    Interaction session after Sakkar Bag Zoo visit at Junagadh
  24. March 2008: On 18-3-2008 ‘Monkey Manners’ and ‘Save The Frog’ awareness programme was conducted at The Galaxy International School Rajkot.
    Children happy to save frogs and learn monkey manners with teacher Rama Sachidanand
  25. March 2008: We received certificate for income tax exemption of Donations to our Trust U/S 80G(5) of IT Act.
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