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Back to main pageActivity Report 2008 - 09
  1. We seriously understand the need of barricading open wells and hence throughout the year it was our most priority activity. As a result of hard work, till 31st March 2009 our Trust completed mega task of barricading 2218 wells in 40+ villages in 5 ranges surrounding Gir East and Gir West. (Annexure – 1)

    Lion in the Open Well Can You See the Open Well in picture where wild animals fall and die?
    Hear is the Death Trap !
  2. In October 2008 we celebrated Wildlife Week in alliance with Gujarat Forest Department, Rajkot Municipal Zoo and Balbhavan. We did various activities like Wildlife Education Fair, Essay & Drawing competitions and other Awareness Programmes. We were honored to have Shri Pradip Khanna (PCCF-WL and Chief Wildlife Warden, Gujarat) as the Chief Guest of Inauguration function. (Annexure–2)
    Such slides were displayed in Cinema Halls
    Such posters were given to all schools
    Trophies were awarded

  3. Rescuing wild animals including lions when they fall in to open wells is presently done using ropes. Such operations are time consuming and sometimes delay may result in to death of the animal. Also in this method animal may get injured when it is being pulled out. So in co-ordination with Shri Bharat Pathak (CF-WL), Shri Raja (DCF-WL), Sasan Rescue Team and John & Deb Fox of Large Animal Rescue – USA, we designed a crane and few small capturing aids. We also manufactured one sample of each of these equipments and handed over to Sasan forest department in April 2008. (Annexure – 3)
    Rescue chain-link net Specially designed Rescue Crane
    Specially designed Rescue Crane

    Other Ongoing regular activities:

    Other Ongoing activities by WCT:

  4. Website with exhaustive information on Gir and Asiatic Lion. Till Dec- 2009 it has 45497 visitors and 165481 page loads since 21-7-2006
  5. News Blog http://asiatic-lion.blogspot.and com, where we instantly post last minute news about Gir and Asiatic Lion. Till Dec-2009 it has 26822 visitors and 45222 page loads since 23-8-2006.
  6. 24 issues of Fortnightly “Asiatic Lion e-Bulletin” were regularly sent to lion lovers all around the world.
Annexure -1
st Mar. 2009
Donorwise and Yearwise Details

Donor / Alliance 2007-08 2008-09 Tot Wells
Wildlife Conservation Trust (WCT) executed the work and total funding by VHF 90
Donations from individual donors 108
Donations from WWF India 77
WCT executed and VHF funded 86 162 248
Funds from individual donors
27 27
Donations from WWF India
116 116
Helped TATA Chemicals in execution 400 575 975
Donation from
Steve (Lions of Gir Foundation USA),
Rajkot Builders Assocation,
Lions Clubs Int. Dist-323J and
other individual donors

577 577
  761 1457 2218

Division – Range - Villagewise Details

Division Range Village Total
Gir East Dalkhaniya Gadhia 2
Gir East Dalkhaniya Sukhpur 75
Gir East Dalkhaniya Krangsha 40
Gir East Dalkhaniya Dudhada 4
Gir East Paniya Kotda 46
Gir East Paniya Pania 43
Gir East Paniya Chanchai 20
Gir East Dalkhaniya Dalkhaniya 163
Gir East Dalkhaniya Govindpur 1
Gir East Dalkhaniya Ramgadh 3
Gir East Dalkhaniya Matanmala 6
Gir East Dalkhaniya Ravna 5
Gir East Dalkhaniya Fachariya 10
Gir East Paniya Mithapur 105
Gir East Savarkundla Mitiyala 20
Gir East Savarkundla Krishnagadh 7
Gir East Dalkhaniya Gigasan 116
Gir East TATA Chemicals   975
Gir West Devaliya Jalandhar 30
Gir West Devaliya Amrapur (Kathi) 58
Gir West Devaliya Chhatariya 23
Gir West Devaliya Ranidhar 22
Gir West Devaliya Gadakia 16
Gir West Devaliya Surajgadh 10
Gir West Devaliya Gundayli 25
Gir West Devaliya Kathadaness 7
Gir West Mendarda Gundada 52
Gir West Mendarda Dedkaiyali 101
Gir West Mendarda Manpur 63
Gir West Mendarda Malanka 54
Gir West Mendarda Kenedipur 60
Gir West Mendarda Karsangdh 8
Gir West Mendarda Jinjuda 48

ANNEXURE - II Wildlife Week Celebration, 2nd – 8th October 2008

Our nation observes Wildlife Week from 2nd – 8th October. Every year our Trust celebrates this week with vivid programmes and events to create awareness amongst the students and then the society at large.

This year Wildlife Conservation Trust, Gujarat Forest Department, Rajkot Municipal Zoo & Balbhavan jointly planned various activities for the wildlife week celebration. The activities were:

  • Wildlife Education Fair

This was very unique event held at Shyama Mukherjee Art Gallery, Race Course, Rajkot on 4th and 5th Oct 08.

The fair was inaugurated by Shri Pradeep Khanna, (PCCF – WL and Chief Wildlife Warden of Gujarat). The other dignitaries present were renowned businessman and philanthropist Shri Dayabhai Kotecha, City Mayor Shri Sandhyaben Vyas, Balbhavan Mng. Trustee Shri Manshukbhai Joshi, Chamber President Shri Hiteshbhai Bagdai, DCF Shri Vadi and Kishore Kotecha Director of Wildlife Conservation Trust.

Highlights of the fair:

  • The fair had photographic exhibits of a well-known wildlife photographer Shri Bhushan Pandya.

  • Stall by Wildlife Conservation Trust for ‘Open Well Menace’ with live model representation and posters explaining the threat and its impact.

  • Stall by Rajkot Zoo which had an interesting display of skins, pugmarks, preserved animals specimens and other information material.

  • Stall by Forest Dept. which displayed the medicinal plants. Free saplings of common medicinal plants were distributed to the public.

  • Book Stall by GEER Foundation – Gandhinagar to sale its video and print publications and magazines like Shrutshti & Prakruti.

  • Stall by Gujarat Forest Dept which displayed posters of Wildlife of Gujarat.

  • Wildlife movies and Global Warming documentaries were screened by NEEHAR an NGO from Rajkot.

  • Display of wildlife postal stamps collection by Paritri P. Upadhyay.

  • Aquariums that displayed fresh water fishes.

  • Mountaineering Information Display by Alpine Trekkers.

There was an enthusiastic response and both the days saw a huge turnout of students and public inspite of the festival of Navaratri being celebrated. Such a fair had never been organised before and was therefore a prestigious event. Entry to the Fair was free to the public.

  • Awareness Programmes
    • Slides with wildlife and environment conservation messages were screened in Cosmoplex Multi-screens and Galaxy Cinema of Rajkot throughout the week.
    • 1000 posters (A2 size) were distributed in 700 schools and public places.
    • Awareness articles and celebration information was widely promoted in Print Media. BigFM radio station played the promo for the event for about two weeks.
Essay and Drawing Competitions
Topic selected for this time was ‘Wildlife in your backyard’. The competitions were well received. There were 1141 participants in Essay and 1252 participants in Drawing competiontion from xxx schools from 14 talukas of Rajkot district. They were divided in to four Groups (Std. 1 to 4, Std. 5 to 7, Std. 8 to 10 and Std. 11 up) Three winners were selected from each group. All the participants were given certificates.

Full financial support for this celebration was provided by Wildlife Conservation Trust.

Our special thanks to participants Dr. M G Maradia, Balendra Vaghela, Bhushan Pandya, Rama Sachidananda, Bhavesh Trivedi, Kamlesh & Jignesh Shah, Campaign Ad, Rajdeep Jhala, all the student volunteers and Media.
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