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Back to main pageActivity Report 2010-11
  1. Our members Participated in Lion Census held in April – 2010. With effort of our photographs, duplication of one prime male lion was prevented in Jambudi area of Girnar WLS.
      Lion Pug mark which helps tracking
    and identifying the animal
    Kishore Kotecha with Forest officers on field at Jambudi Girnar Forest Anuradha Sahu DCF, Korvadia Zone Chief, Kishore Kotecha and Jigar Ardeshania,
    Sitting LtoR: Khavdubhai, Laucha RF, Chapla Jambudi RF, Thapalia, Kodiyatar Standing: Abhubhai, Rambhai, Gambhirsinh Chauhan, KK, Dhumadiabhai, Batuk, Chhagan, Ramesh, Nurabhai, Sardarsinh

  2. During Lion census our Trust gave 750 Torches and 150 First Aid Kits to volunteers and field staff of forest department.
    Lion Census - 2010  

  3. Like every year this year also we celebrated Wildlife Week-2010 but in different way. To reach 15000 – 20000 students with a message of environment and wildlife protection, we trained school teachers for effective celebration in their own school. So we organized a ‘Workshop on Teacher’s Training for Wildlife Week Celebration – 2010’ on 18th September 2010 at Rajkot Zoo. Response was amazing and workshop was successful. 22 Teachers from 16 schools participated and each participant was provided with Kit of about 34 items that included Games, Books, Posters, information pamphlets, wildlife movies.

    As an incentive to participating teachers, 17 of them were awarded free trip with their family to Sasan (Gir) on 13-14th Dec. 2010, where DCF Shri Sandeep Kumar was kind to address them. (See Annexure below for full details)

    Kishore Kotecha, Exec. Director of WCT, says THANKS Dr. Maradia, Rajkot Zoo Suptd. educates teachers
    Participants Zoo Tour
    Participants Zoo Tour
    Game demonstration by Pintulie Gajjar

  4. During Girnar Parikrama in Nov-2010 Awareness camp / stall was arranged at Junagadh for educating pilgrim tourists to reduce plastic waste and damage to forest.
    Banner at the Camp site
    Banner at the Camp site
    Camp site in early morning Camp just before parikrama Day
    Lion Mask used for effective conveying message to pilgrims Deer Mask used for effective conveying message to pilgrims
    Tree Mask used for effective spreading of awarness message

Other Ongoing activities by WCT:
  1. Website with exhaustive information on Gir and Asiatic Lion. Till Dec-2010 it has 68933 visitors and 234959 page loads since 21-7-2006
  2. News Blog http://asiatic-lion.blogspot.and com, where we instantly post last minute news about Gir and Asiatic Lion. Till Dec-2010 it has 56577 visitors and 92499 page loads since 23-8-2006.
  3. Monthly “Asiatic Lion e-Bulletin” is regularly being sent to Big Cat fans all around the world since 2007/08.


This year Wildlife Conservation Trust (WCT) associated with Rajkot Zoological Park and Gujarat Forest Department for activities of Wildlife Week – 2010 celebration.

Today, it has become imperative to open our eyes to changing environment and vanishing Wildlife. It is very much important to instill in school children, who are tomorrow’s world, a feeling of love for nature and thereby its conservation.

During the wildlife week every year, normally we used to reach students directly by organizing various competitions, exhibitions etc. This way we could reach only about 1000 students. But this year we thought of reaching many more of them through their school teachers. We found that there are lots of enthusiastic teachers who want to do such awareness activities but cannot due to lack of knowledge and resources. So we organized a ‘Workshop on Teacher’s Training for Wildlife Week Celebration – 2010on 18th September 2010 at Rajkot Zoo. Response was amazing and workshop was successful. Some highlights of the workshop are as under:

  • 22 Teachers from 16 schools participated. (Annex – 2)
  • Participants were demonstrated many games and activities
  • Participants were taken for ZOO Visit to feel the nature
  • Each participant was provided with Kit of about 34 items that included Games Material, 15 Books for school library, Set of 15 size (A-1) posters, information pamphlets, DVDs of Wildlife movies - 5 & Stationery for children

(Full List as per Annex-1)

At the end of workshop a very positive response and feedback was received from the Teachers. From this, we feel that more than once in a year such workshops should be organized and more numbers of schools & teachers should be allowed to take part. One teacher also suggested that all the schools in district should be approached through District Education Officer.

As an incentive to participating schools / teachers, 17 teachers from six schools were evaluated as best performers. They were evaluated on basis of no. of activities they did, ZOO visit (compulsory activity), Wildlife Exhibition (compulsory), No. of participating students etc. They are awarded free trip with their family to Sasan (Gir) on 13-14th Dec. 2010.
Workshop on Teacher’s Training for Wildlife Week Celebration - 2010
18th September 2010 at Rajkot Zoological Park, Pradhyuman Park, Rajkot

9.00 – 9.30 Arrival, Registration and Tea-Biscuits

9.30 – 9.45 Welcoming and Introduction – By Dr. Parth Pandya

9.45 – 10.00 Overview: Nature Camps – By Shri Lalit Parmar, Dep. Cons. of Forest, Rajkot

10.30 – 12.15 Zoo Visit - By Dr. M G Maradia, Zoo Suptd, Rajkot Zoo

12.15 – 2.00 Demo of Activities, Games, Plays for Wildlife Week – By Pintueli Gajjar

2.00 – 2.45 Lunch

2.45 – 4.00 Nature Trail and Bird watching tips – By Shri Vinodbhai Pandya

4.00 - 4.15 Tea Break

4.15 – 4.40 Questioners and Open Forum

4.40 – 5.00 Feedback and Vote of Thanks

Annex – 1 List of Participating Teachers

Sr Name School
1 Mehulbhai Trivedi Shri S. J. Dholakiya School
2 A. K. Vala Shri G. K. Dholakiya School
3 Mrunalbhai Borisagar Matru Shri L. G. Dholakiya School
4 Agravat Bhavik V. New Era English School
5 Vishwanathan Ayer New Era English School
6 Sonal M. Shah Shri Kadvibai Virani School
7 Chetnaben D. Visavadiya Shri Chandrakalabahen Kuvarji Gohil School
8 Pankajben R. Khachar Shri Chandrakalabahen Kuvarji Gohil School
9 Trivedi Jayeshbhai B Shri P. V. Modi School
10 Dave Kishorebhai M Shri V. J. Modi School
11 Kathvadiya Pradipbhai H. Shri Murlidhar High School
12 Bharatsinh B. Parmar Shri Lalbahadur Shastri Kanya Vidhyalay
13 Hiteshbhai Bhanderi Sarvoday School
14 Purnandu Sharma Sarvoday School
15 Sandip Joshi Krishna International School
16 Neelam Dhaduk Krishna Science School
17 Dangar Rajesh R. G. T. Sheth School
18 Ratanjibhai R. Kumbhani Shri K. J. Kotecha Girls High School
19 Rameshkumar C. Sakhiya Shri K. J. Kotecha Girls High School
20 Baveshvariben Hirani Shri Kadvibai Virani School
21 Pritiben Vasani A. V. Jasani School
22 Nirajbhai Ranpara Murlidhar High School

List of Things included in the Kit

  1. File Folder with Information Papers on Activities & Games (Pgs - 80)
  2. Bird Watching Tips – Info Papers (Pgs-5)
  3. Wildlife Poster Set for Exhibition at the School (Size A1 & A2, Approx-15 Nos.)
  4. Wildlife Movies & Documentaries (VCDs – 3 and DVDs – 2)
  5. Play Cards for ‘Web of Life’ Game
  6. Play Cards for ‘ROLE PLAY’ Game
  7. ‘Save the Animal’ A3 Size Hardwood Game & Toy Animals
  8. Wildlife Stickers for Children (8-10)
  9. Wildlife Time Table for Children (3-4)
  10. Wildlife Book Lables for Children (5 – 7)
  11. Conference Pad and Pen
  12. Fabric Carry Bag
  13. Booklet on Common Birds – 50 Nos.
  14. Certificate & I-Card of Participant
  16. Rajkot Zoo – Book by Dr. M G Maradia
  17. 50 Steps to Succesful Event – By CEE
  18. Samjavu Ek Vruksh – By CEE
  19. Mammals of Gujarat
  20. Van Prachar Sutramala (Forest Quotes)
  21. Vanya Jivan Prashna Manch (Wildlife Quiz)
  22. Gujarat Na Vano (Forests of Gujarat)
  23. Sahbhagi Van Vyavstha Ni Safal Vartao (Stories of Succesful Forest Management)
  24. Van Aushadhi Ni Margdarshika (Forest Medicine Guide)
  25. Prakruti Magazine Vol-18 and Vol-19
  26. Wildlife Crime
  27. Lok Sahkar Thi Vano Nu Punah Nirman
  28. Prakruti Shikshan Shibir Path Darshika
  29. Prakruti Shikshan Abhyash Sahitya Van Chetna – 3 (Nature Education Guide – 3)
  30. Prakruti Shikshan Abhyash Sahitya Van Chetna – 2 (Nature Education Guide – 2)
  31. Forest & Environment Activities with People Participation
  32. Jivdaya Vanya Jivan Sarakshan Week 2009
  33. Snake – Our Friend
  34. Adopt An Animal at Rajkot Zoo
  35. Open Well Information

Courtesy: Gujarat Forest Department, Wildlife Conservation Trust, Rajkot Zoo, Hotel Royal Inn List of Best Performing Schools / Teachers who visited Sasan On 13-14th Dec. 2010

Sr School Teacher
1 Shri Kadvibai Virani Kanya Vidhyalaya
  1. Baveshvariben Hirani
  2. Vandanaben Patel
  3. Ushaben Patel
  4. Ushaben Bhatt
2 Chandrakalabahen Kuvarji Gohil School
  1. Chetnaben Visavadia + 1 Son
  2. Ritaben Goswami
  3. Pujaben Vyas
  4. Urviben Joshi
Sarvoday School
  1. Vimalbhai Sakariya
  2. Purnendu Sharma
Krishna International School
  1. Mahendrabhai Gajera + Wife Tulsiben
  2. Ronakbhai Raval + Wife Ridhiben
5 A. V. Jasani School
  1. Pritiben Patel
  2. Ashmitaben Desai
  3. Madhaviben
  4. Nehalben
6 Lalbahdur Shashtri Kanya Vidyala
  1. Bharat sinh Parmar + Wife + Sone

Trip Acknowledgements: We thank Shri Sandeep Kumar, DCF-WL for his whole hearted support and Shri Bharatsinh Parmar for efficiently coordinating the whole trip.

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