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Back to main pageActivity Report 2012-13
  1. Open Well Protection Work: This year from 1-4-2012 to 31-12-2012 we barricaded 60 more Open wells in Girnar Sanctuary area. These sums up to total 2382 wells done by our Trust since 2007-08 in 54 villages in six forest ranges.

  2. In the Lap of Nature”, Summer Awareness Camp for children between 2 to 6 years was organised from 25th to 29th April, 2012, in alliance with Shri S. V. Virani Primary School. 58+ students with their parents participated in the camp. The activities done included Making Clay-Toys, Camel & Horse Riding, and commune with rabbits, tortoise, parakit etc., singing & composing.

  3. Free Medical and Wildlife Awareness Camp on 13th May, 2012 at Sasan(Gir): As a part of our initiative to spread wildlife Awareness amongst local people residing in vicinity of Gir, we planned to frequently organize Wildlife Awareness Camps in the village on periphery of Gir and Greater Gir area. It is important that people attend such camps and hence we clubbed it with “Free Medical Check Up and Treatment Camp”. This way we got chance to interact with local people in a different way and thus effectively convey our conservation message.


  4. Rural Internship: We accepted internship program from four students of School of Petroleum Technology, PDPU, Gandhinagar from 4th to 23rd June, 2012.

    These students were given two projects. One was at Dalkhaniya village in Gir East to find out current conditions of open wells barricaded for protection of wildlife around Gir. They also did social activity along with the study. The other project was to Visitors’ Perspective about Rajkot Municipal Zoo.

  5. Free Medical and Wildlife Awareness Camp at Kakrach near Liliya, part of Greater Gir on 17th June, 2012.

  6. Wildlife Week-2012: On 9th October 2012, a camp for “TRAINING NATURE RESOURCE PERSON alias Teachers” was organized at the Praduman Park Zoo – Rajkot in alliance with Rajkot Municipal Zoo, Kadvibai Virani School and Forest Department. Highlights as under:
    • 147 Principals, Teachers and CRCs from 78 schools (and 13 CRCs) participated.
    • Participants were demonstrated many educational games & activities.
    • Nature Exhibition was displayed in Jal-Vahini brought from CEE – Abad.
    • Participants were taken for ZOO and Nature Trail.
    • Each participant was provided with Certificate and Kit of about 36 items that included Educational Games & Material, Books, Posters, Phamphlets, DVDs & Stationery.

  7. Girnar Parikrama Awareness Camp: Every year a religious Girnar Parikrama festival (circumambulation of sacred Girnar Mountain) is celebrated at Junagadh. The track of Parikrama passes through Girnar WLS, home of Lion & other wild animals. Every year approx. 8 – 10 lacs pilgrims participate in the festival. Pilgrims spoil the jungle by excess use of water bottles & pouches, cutting trees for firewood etc. We planned to send about 200 volunteers who would join Parikrama route and prevent this damage by awareness. Our this program was not successful because of last minute plan.

    This program was done in alliance with Navrang Nature Club and Phulchhab, an authentic Gujarati News Paper.

  8. Kit to Forest Staff: Our Trust gave Winter Coat, Hunter Shoes and Caps to 71 Daily Wagers of Girnar Forest division on 21st Dec. 2012.

  9. Jan-2013: We published a book ‘Prayavaran Na Jatan Mate Hu Shu Karish?’ (‘What will I do to Conserver Environment?’). The book was released by eminent Ram Kathakar Param Pujya Shri Morari Bapu at Jodiya on 22-12-2012 and it also had blessings from Bapu and BAPS Swamiji’s blessings. It is written by Vinodbhai Pandya, V. D. Bala and Kishore Kotecha. Two thousand copies of the book were printed in first edition. Free copies of these book were distributed to 200 Kathakars (religious Gurus), 200 participants of Hingolgadh camp, Forest offices, schools, corporate etc. Also free downloadable e-version is available on

  10. 20th Jan 2013 Religious Guru’s Convention: Religious leaders and kathakars (who are speakers of religious functions like Ram-Katha, Saptah, Shiv-Katha etc.) have to speak before large audience. In a year they have opportunity to address about 10 to 15 kathas and speak about religion, dharma, god etc.  before large crowds, ranging from few hundreds to few lacs. Now when these leaders, while sitting on religious throne (Vyas Pith), preach something, most of the listeners agree to and follow whatever they say. So we thought of taking help of religion via such religious Gurus to spread awareness of wildlife and environment conservation. Our idea is to reach large number of people, of all age & caste, with successful message delivery.

    So we organized a symposium at Hotel Royal Inn – Rajkot to share opinions and views of Kathakars and their willingness to support the cause.  About 30 Kathakars and religious Gurus attended this symposium and everyone showed positive response.

    Shashtri Kanaiyalal Bhatt Shashtri Vipulbhai Vigda

    Shashtri Narendrabhai Pandya Shashtri Ashokbhai Bhatt taking Sapath

    Group Expert Kathakars Swami NirmalDasji Virpur

    Bala V D of Navrang Nature Club Kishorebhai Kotecha, Vinodbhai Pandya, Devbhai Bhatt

  11. Tour to at Poshitra at Marine National Park: On 22nd January, 2013 we took 50 participants of WL Week-2012 that included Teachers Principals from 19 schools, volunteers and resource persons for a nature tour to Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary and Poshitra Island. This was to further motivate them to do more activities at their schools and field of work.

    Participants at Khijadia Bird Sanctuary Participants enjoying Marine Life
    Jinga fish  
Other Ongoing activities by WCT:
  1. Website with exhaustive information on Gir and Asiatic Lion. Till March- 2013 it has 107,714 visitors and 336,684 page loads since 21-7-2006
  2. News Blog, where we instantly post last minute news about Gir and Asiatic Lion. Till March-2013 it has 102537 visitors and 166821 page loads since 23-8-2006.
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