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  1. Open Well Protection Work:

    Open wells are death traps for Lions and other wild animals in Gir. This year from 1-4-2014 to 31-3-2015 we barricaded 262 more Open wells in Girnar Sanctuary area. These sums up to total 2814 wells done by our Trust since 2007-08 in 63 villages in Seven forest ranges in three divisions of Guj. Forest Dept.

  2. October-5th, 2014:
    "Role of Regional Media in Conservation of Asiatic Lion Landscape"

    The conservation history of Asiatic Lion includes meticulous use of landscapes of Saurashtra region (Gujarat) that has resulted in a globally acclaimed success story.

    However, new challenges have emerged in recent times with respect to management of larger carnivores. New policy and framework for achieving long term goals are urgently needed to ensure conservation of the Asiatic Lion, its habitat and other inhabitant species. In this regard, people’s perception and participation are key elements, in Lion landscape including Gir.

    Media plays a vital role in wildlife conservation. Media can be instrumental not only in sensitizing general populace, but also provide an important link between administrative (forest department), NGOs and Academic Bodies. Hence, Media can act as a powerful tool in protecting Greater Gir and its inhabitant species. This belief is borne from the fact that people’s perception towards a species of animal is greatly influenced by the way that species is portrayed in news papers. Researchers have indicated that negative feelings towards particular species of animal could be negated successfully through a powerful media campaign.

    The idea of this seminar was to highlight the role of responsible and informed journalism in addressing conservation and related issues and to epitomize the importance of regional media in sensitizing local populace in this regard. This event provided an opportunity to Media Spokespersons, NGOs, grass-root level workers and the officials of the State Forest Department to share a common platform in discussing and understand each other’s role more precisely.

    This seminar was attended by 76 journalists (News paper and TV) from three districts of Lion Landscape. And about 50 more numbers included were NGOs, prominent speakers, scientists, forest officials and volunteers as root level workers. It was a successful event.

  3. 27th - 28th November, 2014:
    Participation in two days workshop by State Forest Dept. on
    "Landscape approach to long term conservation of wildlife - Man and Wildlife in a landscape” and “Eco Tourism - An approach to long term conservation"

    This two days workshop was organized by Gujarat Forest Departments as a part of Vibrant Gujarat Celebrations at Mahatma Gandhi Mandir, Gandhinagar. Looking to our continuous work for conservation of wildlife and especially Asiatic lions, we were invited to make a presentation on "Role of Wildlife Conservation Trust Protected Area Management". Auditorium was full with over 1500 participants that included Ministers, Chief Secretaries, PCCF and most of the DCFs and ACFs of the State Forest Department, eminent Scientists and Wildlife Experts. The works done by our Trust was well applauded by all present.

  4. Uniforms to Field Staff:

    We gave 150 pair of uniforms to daily-wagers and drivers of Girnar Wildlife Sanctuary.

    Velawadar Camp Velawadar Camp
Other Ongoing activities by WCT:
  1. Website with exhaustive information on Gir and Asiatic Lion. Till 31st March- 2015 it has 145929 visitors and 419136 page loads since 21-7-2006.
  2. News Blog, where we instantly post last minute news about Gir and Asiatic Lion. Till 31st March-2015 it has 134762 visitors and 212511 page loads since 23-8-2006.
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