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  1. Open Well Protection Work:

    Open wells are death traps for Lions and other wild animals in Gir. This year from 1-4-2015 to 31-03-2016 we barricaded 130 more Open wells in Girnar Sanctuary area. These sums up to total 2944 wells barricaded by our Trust since 2007-08 in 63 villages in 7 ranges and  3 Divisions of Forest Department.

    Resident of Malida village touching Girnar sanctuary do not participate in the welfare and conservation activities & schemes of ther Forest Department. Due to this all the Open Wells in this village are not protected and hence dangerous. So by a special meeting with village leaders and people, our Trust tried to get the feel and possible solution to convince people for Well protection program.

    Kishorebhai Gordhanbhai Rathod

    Raghunandan Bhagvandash

    Pravinbhai Babubhai Desai

    Mulubhai Lakhmanbhai Kambaliya

    Ashokbhai Samjubhai Mathukiya

    Bhabhlubhai Jilubhai Vank

  2. May 2nd - 5th, 2015: Participation in Lion Estimation - 2015

    For the third time consecutively, members of our Trust participated in Gir Lion Census. Looking to our active participation in last two census and our activities in conservation of Asiatic Lions, one of our Trustee was placed in Girnar Zone. Here he had to assist DCF, who was Zonal Head.

  3. Free Medical and Wildlife Awareness Camps

    As a part of our initiative to spread wildlife Awareness amongst local people residing in vicinity of of Gir – Girnar Sanctuaries, in Lion Landscape, we successfully organized eight Wildlife Awareness Camps in Eight villages. It is important that people attend such camps and hence we clubbed it with “Free Medical Check Up and Treatment Camp”. This way we get chance to interact with local people in a different way and thus effectively convey our conservation message. In total 4431 patients were treated for different ailments. There were 2578 eyes patients and 1709 other dieses. Also cataract surgery was done for 144 patients at Ranchhod Das Bapu Eye Hospital in Rajkot.

    No. Date Village General Patients Eye Patients Cataract Patients Total
    1 31/5/2015 Mendpra Dist. Junagadh 383 450 -------------- 833
    2 28/6/2015 Khadiya Dist.Junagadh 488 475 20 983
    3 26/7/2015 Bhesan Dist.Junagadh 188 338 24 550
    4 30/8/2015 Sasan Dist.Junagadh ------------ 340 25 365
    5 27/9/2015 Mitiyala Dist.Amreli ------------ 160 5 165
    6 25/10/2015 Khishri Dist.Amreli 100 115 8 223
    7 27/12/2015 Malida Dist.Junagadh 250 200 18 468
    8 20/3/2016 Majevdi Dist.Junagadh 300 500 44 844
        Total 1709 2578 144 4431


    On 16-5-2015 especially-abled orphan children of Mother Terrasa Ashram Rajkot were taken by a special coach for visit to Sakkar Bag Zoo and Bordevi inside Girnar jungle. On 3-6-2015 they were taken to the Rajkot Airport to show them what was an aero plane? And how it flies! Special permission from Airport Authority was obtained for this.

    Velawadar Camp
  5. Students Internship:

    We offered rural internship to five students from School of Petroleum Technology, PDPU, Gandhinagar from 30-5-2015 to 15-6-2015. These students were given three projects. They visited 12 villages near Mendpara touching Girnar WLS.

    1. Various Energy sources used by villagers on Giranar jungle periphery.
    2. Damage due to use of plastic
    3. Agriculture patterns in villages of Girnar Jungle

  6. Nature and Wildlife Awareness Camps in Schools:

    School going children are future of tomorrow. If we want to save our wildlife and nature then this civilians of tomorrow must be taught today. So as a part of our Lion conservation work, we started Nature and Wildlife Awareness Camps in Primary Schools in the villages adjoining Girnar WLS. This year 14 such camps were successfully conducted. Subjects covered in the camps were Save Trees, Plant Trees, Reduce – Reuse – Recycle, Save Water, Save Electricity, Save Fuel, Stop Pollution, Reduce use of Plastic, Save Lion, Save Birds, Save Sparrow etc. Schools and students were given Poster Sets, Sparrow Nests, 'Paryavaran na jatan mate hu su karish?' booklets, gift stationery and variety of education material.

    No. Date School Name Village Students Resosperson
    1 8/7/2015 Primary School Mendpra 250 R.F.O -V.D.Balasaheb
    2 8/7/2015 Primary School Kariya 100 ''
    3 8/7/2015 Primary School Samatpra 130 ''
    4 8/7/2015 Primary School Malida 130 ''
    5 8/7/2015 Primary School Pasvada 180 ''
    6 28/9/2015 Kumar Primary School Khadiya 105 Harsh Vaja
    7 28/9/2015 Girls Primary School Khadiya 187 ''
    8 29/9/2015 Secondary school Khadiya 90 ''
    9 29/9/2015 Hanumanpra Primary School Khadiya 149 ''
    10 15/2/2016 Primary School Bhatgam 95 Rajiv Vaghamsi And Vidit Shah
    11 15/2/2016 Primary School Sukhapur 18 ''
    12 16/2/2016 Primary School Patla 95 ''
    13 16/2/2016 Primary School Hadmatiya 250 ''
    14 24/12/2015 Matrumandir Collage Rajkot 70 ''
          Total 1849  

  7. Community RO Plant:

    The ground water in villages surrounding Gir – Girnar WLSs has very high Ca and Mg content. Due to this people suffer with lots of kidney dieses. Again over pulling of underground waters and scarcity of rain has worsened the problem. As social responsibility “Dayabhai Kotecha Ch. Trust’ gave a Community RO plant to the Village Panchayat of Mendpara Village.

  8. November 2015

    During Girnar Parikrama about 6 to 8 lacs pilgrims pass through the Girnar forest. The litter everywhere and huge plastic and other waste is created. Plastic bags thrown by pilgrims are consumed by wild animals resulting to their death sometimes. To reduce use of plastic bags we replaced plastic bags of 2000 pilgrims at the entrance of the Parikrama route. Volunteers from our Trust with one NGO from Junagadh camped at the entrance for four days and pleaded pilgrims not to harm nature during their trail. Seventy volunteers were given caps from our Trust.

  9. 14-1-2016 Bird Rescue on Kite Festival

    Every year thousands of birds die due to thread injury during kite festival of Makar Sankranti. If public is made aware not to fly kites when birds many birds are flying during morning and evening hours then bird deaths can be reduced. So with this aim 5000 awareness pamphlets were distributed in public. Also on the day, many calls for bird rescues were received which were passed on to other NGO ‘Animal Helpline’ who were experts in rescue. Also 10 birds and 2 cows were treated and rescued by our volunteers.

  10. Datar is a well known religious place on the Datar Hills in Girnar WLS. Every years lacs of pilgrims visit the place littering too much of plasic bags and bottles on the way. There are 3500 steps to reach this place. So we gave 50 big size plastic barrels as Dustbins. Hope it works!

  11. 21-3-2016
    To celebrate World Sparrow Day we organized an awareness camp at Ranada Govt. School. Students were taught about importance of sparrow and other birds in our ecosystem. They were given sparrow nests and 'Paryavaran na jatan mate hu su karis?' booklets

Other Ongoing activities by WCT:
  1. Website with exhaustive information on Gir and Asiatic Lion. Till 31st March- 2016 it has 171419 visitors and 465248 page loads since 21-7-2006.
  2. News Blog, where we instantly post last minute news about Gir and Asiatic Lion. Till 31st March-2016 it has 152826 visitors and 234641 page loads since 23-8-2006.
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