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  1. Open Well Protection Work

    Open wells are death traps for Lions and other wild animals in Gir. This year from 1-4-2016 to 31-03-2017 we barricaded 70 more Open wells in Girnar Sanctuary area. These sums up to total 3014 wells barricaded directly or with help of our Trust since 2007-08 in 63 villages in 7 ranges and 3 Divisions of Forest Department.

  2. Street Play For Awareness

    Last year we had given R.O.Plant to Mendpara village adjoining Girnar WLS as people were suffering with kidney discases due to hard water. Although people were given free water (and later at token rate), they were not making use of this plant . So to create awareness amongst villagers on 2-4-016 street play was performed three times in the village. The performers were girl students from Kansagara collage- Rajkot.


  3. Free Medical and Wildlife Awareness Camps

    As a part of our initiative to spread wildlife Awareness amongst local people residing in vicinity of of Gir - Girnar Sanctuaries, in Lion Landscape, we successfully organized three Wildlife Awareness Camps in different villages. It is important that people attend such camps and hence we clubbed it with “Free Medical Check Up and Treatment Camp”. This way we get chance to interact with local people and thus effectively convey our conservation message. In total 2085 patients were treated for different ailments. There were 1044 eyes patients and 1041 other dieses. Also cataract surgery was done for 20 patients at Ranchhod Das Bapu Eye Hospital in Rajkot. All the camps were organized in Govt. schools where all Awareness Posters that were displayed were permanently given to that school.

    No. Date Village General Patients Eye Patients Cataract Patients Total
    1 10/4/2016 Ranpur Dist. Junagadh 414 394 20 808
    2 22/1/2017 Ranpur Dist.Junagadh 234 300 ----------- 534
    3 12/2/2017 Chhodvadi Dist.Junagadh 393 350 ----------- 743
        Total 1041 1044 20 2085

  4. Village Meeting-SAVE ENERGY- 5-5-2016

    Energy Saved is Money Saved. A village meeting for this was done at Mendpara village in co-aliation with Petroleum Conservation Research Association and Gram Panchayat. About 30 villagers were present. Subjects were How to save fuel electricity and gas.

  5. Environment Day Rally – 5/6/2016:

    Global Warming menance dose not need any description. Awareness Rally to Save Environment, was organized with good response from participants and public. Rally was about quarter kilometer long with participation of public, 200 people from various institutes, 450 students from 5 schools, Gujarat Forest Dept- Rajkot and Wild Saurashtra. Also 3000 booklets were distributed to free of charge general public.

  6. Green Girnar Project:

    Every year thousands of tree saplings are distributed to public, but hardly few are successfully grown. We found out that main reason was that the types of plants distributed were of no benefit to farmers or recipient public. So we thought of distributing trees that farmer needed and gave monetary benefit to them. So a campaign was done in 11 villages of Bhesan Taluka and we gathered details of plants (including fruit trees like mango) that each farmer wanted. Later we gave 1006 saplings of trees like Lemon-Citrus limon, Ravno, Borsalli-Bulletwood Tree, Ran-Ceylon Ironwood Tree, Kalmi Amba-Mangifera indica, Kalmi Chiku-Manilkara Zapota, Amli-Tamarindus indica, Savan-White Teak, Bili-Aegle marmelos, Ardusi-Ailanthas excelsa, Gundo, Garmalo-Cassia fistula, Jamphal-Psidium Guajava, Bijoru-Citrus Medica, Setur-Mulberry, Pragvad-Cuban Laurel, Timroo-Black Indian Ebony, Sajad, Naliyery- Cocoanat Tree, Sitaphali- Annona Squamosa to 212 farmers. Apart from this we also gave 243vegetable seeds packets, 996 plants to Ranpur Gaushala and 117 plants to temple at Dudhala.

  7. Wildlife Week Celebration-2016:

    This year to reach thousands of school students we organized one day Training Workshop for school teachers on 26/9/2016 at Rajkot Zoo in association with Rajkot Zoo, Wild Saurashtra and Mom’s Care Group. 72 teacher from 72 schools participated and everyone was given kit of various materials & games that can be used during the week.

  8. Swachchh Girnar Abhiyan (Clean Girnar Campaign) - 8/11/2016

    Every year about 700 to 800 thousand people visit Girnar. This year with the help of Forest Department we put three stalls on parikrama route. All the pilgrims were stopped and requested to exchange their plastic bags with paper bags that we provided free of charge. Our volunteers collected about 700 Kgs of plastic bags and gave 240 Kgs of paper bags, 100 Kgs of waste news papers and 5000 woven bags. Also we fixed 25 kiosk boards and one large size hoarding on parikrama route, requesting pilgrims not to be take plastic into the wildlife sanctuary. Also awareness posts were heavily circulated on whatsapp, facebook and other social media.

  9. Swachchh Girnar Abhiyan (Clean Girnar Campaign) - 30/11/2016

    As mentioned above, tons of plastic bags, bottles and other waste is left behind by pilgrims inside the forest. So as a part of cleaning campaign, on 30-11-2016, with the help of 70 students of Gram Udhyog Primary School – Junagadh, Forest Dept. Staff and other volunteers, plastic waste was collected from 1 Km hilly trek, from Sarkhadiya Hanuman to Jina Bava Madhi and 1.5 Km hilly trek from Madvela to Jina Bava Madhi. All participants were given cap and certificate.

  10. Children club: On 18/2/2017

    A Children Club was formed of the children at Mendpara village, on edge of Girnar WLS. They will do regular activities of awareness in the village.

  11. KVKV School Consumela-2017
    As a part of awareness activity, we participated in KVKV School Consumela on 4/5-3-2017. We had two stalls, one exhibiting Wildlife Photographs of Shri Bhavesh Trivedi (Wild Saurashtra NGO) and in one stall by quiz, participants/viewers were given small gift items (awareness items like Environment Books, Mammals of Gujarat, Angane Vaviye kalrav, Jungle Tree book etc etc.) Over 4411 Students were given such articles.

  12. During the year during different occasions, at different places, directly or through other institutes & NGOs, we distributed 1000 sparrow nests and 6000 'Paryavaran Na Jatan Mate Hu Su Karish?' Booklets.
Other Ongoing activities by WCT:
  1. Website with exhaustive information on Gir and Asiatic Lion. Till 31st March- 2017 it has 189868 unique visitors and 497047 page loads since 21-7-2006.
  2. News Blog, where we instantly post last minute news about Gir and Asiatic Lion. Till 31st March-2017 it has 161835 unique visitors and 245993 page loads since 23-8-2006.
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