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The unique ecosystem of Gir harbours about 38 species of mammals, around 300 species of birds, 37 species of reptiles and more then 2000 species of insects.

The main carnivores of the Gir are the Asiatic lion, the leopard, the jungle cat, the hyena, the jackal, the mongoose, the civet cat.  The Desert cat & the Rusty Spotted cats are very rare. The main herbivores of the Gir the Chital, the Nilgai, the Sambar, Four-horned antelope, the Chinkara & the Wild boar. Adjoining to Gir forest, there is a very small population of the Blackbuck.

Among the smaller mammals, the Porcupine and the Black-napped Hare are common but he Pangolin is rare. The reptilian arena is represented by Marsh Crocodile, the Star Tortoise, the Monitor Lizard and a number of species of snakes. The Python is also found sometimes along the stream banks. It is worth mentioning that the Gir forest has higher population of the Marsh Crocodiles than any other PA in India.

The avifauna is represented by more than 300 species of birds most of which are resident. The main scavenger bird is the vulture of which about 6 species have been recorded. Some of the typical birds of Gir are the Crested Serpent Eagle, the Bonelli’s Eagle, the Crested hawk Eagle, the King Vulture, the Brown Fish Owl, the Great Horned Owl, the Bush Quail, the Pygmy Woodpecker, the Black-headed Oriole, the Crested Swift and the Indian Pitta. Grey Hornbill is now extinct from the area.


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