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Wildlife Conservation Trust - Rajkot (WCT) is a registered Charitable Trust (No. E / 8147 / Rajkot) working for Protection and Conservation of Gir biodiversity and Asiatic Lions.

Asiatic Lion, categorized as ‘Highly Endangered’ by IUCN, was almost on the brink of extinction. Both lion and Gir Forest face lots of problems like poaching (which has reduced now), de-forestation, de-fragmentation, road networks inside Gir PA, pressure due to religious places etc. These problems need to be addressed immediately. It is our endeavor, to work in a planned manner to reduce these problems.

After many years that we spent enjoying flora and fauna of Gir forest, including Royal and Loyal Asiatic Lion, we asked ourselves a question, don’t we owe anything to Mother Nature? And that’s when seeds of WCT were sawn. Then able guidance and blessing of Late Shri P P Raval (Ex-DFO-WL, Sasan) further nurtured WCT to become a full grown plant.

To do everything that would help conservation of wildlife and forests with Gir forest and Asiatic Lion at top priority.

Apart from their dedication to spare time and expenses from their own pocket, all the volunteers / members of our team have one common aspiration – “Leave no stone unturned to achieve the goal of the organisation”. Governing body of team includes Kishore Kotecha and others. We have only Honorory members who are not paid anything for their dedicated services.

Our vision is clear and simple. We are committed to work hard with sincerity and consistency as our strength.

  1. Create Awareness about Asiatic Lion and Gir conservation
  2. One stop solution for any information on Asiatic Lion and Gir conservation
  3. Coordinate, Participate, Motivate and Assist in causes of Asiatic Lion and Gir Conservation Programmes
  4. Core field work
How we plan to achieve our objectives?
  1. Create Awareness about Asiatic Lion and Gir conservation
    • To involve local community is the best conservation policy. Hence our ‘Awarness Campaigns’ are always ON amongst local villages to expert international individuals and institutes.
    • To form an Apex Body and there by network local NGOs of Gir.
    • To set up a network of volunteer informers in each and every corner of Gir periphery to keep the poachers at bay. And thereby assist the enforcement agencies, in the work of field investigations, raids and seizures.
    • To create public awareness and to sensitize local people about need for conservation of Gir forest and Asiatic Lion. This not only helps to reduce man-animal conflict but harness them positively for the cause of conservation.
    • To organize camps at the time of festivals near temples inside the sanctuary to educate tourist.
    • To distribute information and awareness leaflets at check-post to visitors using jungle roads.
    • To approach schools in Saurashtra & Kutch region to conduct more nature camps for their students.
    • To take all measures to promote harmony between human beings and nature.
  2. One stop solution for any information on Asiatic Lion and Gir conservation
    • To collect and compile maximum information about Asiatic Lion and spread it through out the globe by Websites, Blogs, Wikipedia, Yahoo groups, Facebook etc.
    • To provide latest news and information about Asiatic Lion to those interested by electronic news letters.
    • To create library of books, thesis, theory papers, news articles etc. related to Asiatic Lion and to make the same available for reference to public. Also make them available by email on demand.
  3. Coordinate, Participate, Motivate and Assist in causes of Asiatic Lion and Gir Conservation Programmes.

    We strongly believe that only by working together in willing and honest partnerships with Forest department, media, local people, local NGOs and of course environment supportive Corporate, we can succeed in achieving our mission of successful conservation of Gir biodiversity and Asiatic Lion.
    • To assist and participate in Government Programmes.
    • To declare Awards and there by motivate front line forest staff, student / teachers in Gir schools, researchers in Gir etc. Awards are an attempt to appreciate the hard work and efforts by individuals and organisations who have done remarkable work on Asiatic Lion and Gir conservation.
    • To assist, co-ordinate and partner with National and International NGOs willing to work for Gir or in Gir.
    • To inform authorities about illegal activities inside the sanctuary like wood-cutting, removal of forest produce, poaching, illegal grazing etc.
    • To inform authorities about injured wild animals.
    • To participate in national and international debates, conferences and events to represent today’s Gir.
    • To arrange conferences, symposium for training, awareness and enhance knowledge of forest staff and other small un-organised local wildlife activists. To invite national and international speakers and experts to such events.
    • To arrange for technical and financial assistance from Government, other institutes, conservation unions and western world for Programmes related to benefit of Asiatic Lion and Gir.
  4. Core field work
    • To build parapets on open wells in villages on periphery of Gir forest
    • To contact and request nationalize banks of Gir area to put a condition to built parapet on open wells while sanctioning financial loan to farmers.
    • To represent govt. to restrict and/or control timings for public use of roads passing through the sanctuary.
Our Trust runs on project to project basis for which funds are availed from donors and Government. Our admin expenses are almost ZERO. The major donors of our Trust are WWF India, Gujarat Forest Department, Mr. Steve Mandel (Lions of Gir Foundation USA), Rajkot Builders Association and Lions Clubs Int. Dist-323J. We have also worked in alliance with Vanishing Herds Foundation and TATA Chemicals Society for Rural Development.

Where do we operate from?
We are based at Rajkot in Gujarat which is only 145 kms away from Gir. Hence proximity to Gir is an added benefit for our organisation. WCT operates from Trustee’s own well equipped office space at Rajkot – Gujarat. We have few full-time office staff but we largely rely on the goodwill of the close-knit group of executive committee and other associates who voluntarily contribute their time and resources to the work of the organization.

Kishore Kotecha
Wildlife Conservation Trust
128 Star Plaza, Phulchhab Chowk, Rajkot – 360001

Phone: +91 281 2444074  |  Fax: +91 281 2477769  |  
Mobile: +91 98240 62062

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Donation to our Trust is exempted u/s 80G(5) of IT Act 1961.
Reg No. C.I.T.R-2/Tech/80G(5)/98/Certi/2007-08 Dtd.28/03/2008
Registed with Charity Commissioner vide Reg. No. E / 8147 / Rajkot

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