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Detailed Information on Asiatic Lions in India, its Habitat, Gir Forest, and other animal residing in Gir

This site is developed by Wildlife Conservation Trust purely with intention of spreading information of Asiatic Lion and Gir. It will be our privilege to assist those who are interested to have more information or those wild-lifers & photographers who wish to visit Gir. Our office is at Rajkot in India. Any information on this website can be freely used by any person or institute for any reason.

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Asiatic Lion is one of the seven sub-species of lions on this planet. Its scientific name is "Panthera Leo Persica".  Gir, popular name for  part of Gujarat in India is the only place where this magnificent animal is found today.

Asiatic lions feed on wild pigs, cattle, antelope and deer in the wild. Present population of Asiatic Lion is 359 and is increasing every year because of conservation efforts of local people and Government of Gujarat...

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